Win a Seat to a WSOP Bracelet Event for Only $10!

I want to alert everyone to a great opportunity for all of you who will be in Nevada on June 28.

It’s a chance to win a seat into a $1,000 WSOP bracelet event for a mere $10 entry fee.

Yeah, just 10 bucks.  How sweet is that?

The link is right here.

The excellent site Poker Update is sponsoring a $10 satellite to WSOP Event #64.  It’s a new event this year.  It’s the “online event.”  It starts at Noon on July 2 online at  After a couple of days of play online, the final table will be assembled live at the Rio on July 4. So the final table will be just like all the other events.  It’s the getting there that’s very different.

How cool would it be if the winner of Poker Update’s $10 satellite made it to the final table? Or even cooler, if that player took home the jewelry?

It could happen. 

The online event should be one of the more interesting bracelet events this year.  All those online specialists will be vying for the chance to prove that they can convert their online game to live play when the bracelet is online. 

I’m wondering what that final table will look like?  Will there be any known live pros?  Will it be all players who only (or mostly) play online?  What happens when those online specialists have to play live at the final table?

Will that table be 100% hoodies and headphones and sunglasses?  Will you be able to see anyone’s face?

Is there a chance some old-timer sneaks in?

The field for this event should be huge, since no one will have to get off their couch to even enter.  And a huge field means a huge prize pool, of course. And you’ve got a chance to play for it for only $10. 

So I want to make sure all of my readers who are eligible will take advantage of this really special opportunity to satellite into a WSOP bracelet event for just a $10 buy-in.

If you don’t usually play online, this would be a great time to give it a try, wouldn’t it?  If you do play online, you can show your stuff for only a $10 investment.

That link again, is here.  Take your shot for 10 bucks, and good luck!

(Edited to add: an explanation of why this satellite never ran can be found here). 

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Win a Seat to a WSOP Bracelet Event for Only $10!
Win a Seat to a WSOP Bracelet Event for Only $10!
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