Don't You Hate it When I Do This?


Just damn.  

As suggested in my previous post, I did indeed return to L.A. on Monday. 

I was way too exhausted Monday night to even consider writing a blog post.  I was barely able to get off my couch.

Then Tuesday night I had a "great" idea for a blog post I could write fairly quickly off the top of my head (as opposed to having to work from my voice notes).  Well, it seemed like a great idea until I started  writing it.  I was about half way through it when I realized it was absolute garbage, totally unusable.  

Sadly, by the time I realized I had to trash it, there was no time to write a replacement post--a "real" post--in time to get it posted this morning.

So I have nothing for you good folks right now.


All I can do is tease you about what's to come when I have a chance to sit down at the computer and type my guts out relating all the crazy and interesting things that happened this last time in Vegas.  And yes, I still have material from earlier trips (mostly the big December trip) to get to.

I do have tales to tell.

I hope that my next post will be the follow up to the previous one, as I kind of left you hanging, talking about the terrible run of luck I was having and that I was heading out for my last session of the trip.  So I hope to get to that next time.

Another post (or two?) will be an interview with a Vegas poker dealer/floor person on the state of poker today.  This will be a much longer version of a profile I turned in for Ante Up.  It will contain all the stuff I couldn't put in the magazine.

I met another one of "those" woman.  I'm calling her Leona and she was auditioning to be the nasty version of my pal Prudence--the Prudence that used to drink a lot while playing poker (that Prudence is gone, and good for her).  This "lady" out vagina-mentioned that Prudence.

Oh, in the session I just referred to, I was, at various times, called a Mormon, a dirty old man and....Costanza, again.

I enjoyed the wildest, craziest poker session of my life.  It was the best 1/2 NL game ever, at least form my perspective.  The action was insane.  Hundreds of dollars sliding back and forth across the table--mostly between two players, but I got my share, I assure you.

Meeting the delightful Jennifer Gay while watching the Super Bowl from the Excalibur poker room, of all places.

A short but sweet session at Planet Hollywood.

Then there was the nip-slip I didn't see and the girl wearing the shortest dress in the history of clothing (that I did see)....but I dunno if I can get away with telling those stories without presenting myself in a rather unflattering light.

There's more, but that's enough tease.  

Just to leave you with something that isn't just a promise, a quick story from Saturday nite.  I was in the parking elevator at MGM when a young couple came in.  She was wearing a bridal gown.  He was holding her train and wearing a tux.  I said to them, "I wonder what you kids are doing tonite?"

They laughed and the bride-to-be said, "Umm....we're going sightseeing."

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Sorry for this post, but stay tuned.  I believe it will be worth the wait.

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Don't You Hate it When I Do This?
Don't You Hate it When I Do This?
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