"And Gabe Kaplan Raises...."

This took place a few months back in Vegas, earlier in the year.  It didn’t take long for me to get noticed at this table.  There was a young woman at the table who was obviously British, although from the conversation I learned she was now living in the US as she had married an American.  The guy next to me was visiting from Israel.  And so at one point, early on, when I made a raise, the Israeli said, “And Gabe Kaplan raises….”  A few people laughed at that, and they seemed to agree that I looked like Gabe Kaplan.  I’ve mentioned this happening to me before (before they started calling me Costanza).  I admitted that I heard this before, not infrequently when I’m in a poker room, and that it didn’t bother me at all.

There was one exception.  The British lady said she had no idea who Gabe Kaplan was.  A few of us tried to enlighten her, mentioning his comedy background and his more recent connection with televised poker.  Meanwhile, the Israeli fellow took to his smart phone to find pics of Kaplan.  He found one that most closely resembled yours truly (in his estimation) and held the pic of Gabe on his cell phone right next to my face so the British woman could compare the two.  I thought that was quite amusing.  She nodded and concurred that I resembled the ex-Mr. Kotter. 

I didn’t play a hand for some time, then, when someone had straddled UTG ($5), I made it $15 with Ace-5 of hearts. Someone immediately said, “That’s the first hand he’s played.”  Man, I hate that.  There should be some kind of warning and/or penalty for piping in like that.  Congrats, sir, for noticing this.  Use that information for your best advantage.  But if other players have been less observant, why the hell are you helping them?  To me, this violates the “one player to the hand rule” and dealers should tell the player to shut the ef up.  Politely, of course.

Only got one caller—possibly because of the other guy’s comment.  The flop was low, with one heart.  I made a c-bet of $20 and the guy folded, saying, “You must have Aces.” If only I could count on them putting me on Aces every time I raised.

With Ace-King in the big blind, I called a raise to $6.  Five of us saw a flop of Ace-Jack-x.  I bet $20 and was called in two spots. The turn was a blank and I bet $50, down to one caller.  Another blank on the river and I put out $100 but no call.

In the big blind with King-6 of spades, there was no raise and 5 of us saw a flop of Queen-6-2, one spade.  I called $10 and we were heads up.  The turn was a 5 of spades, I checked/called $25.  The river was a blank and this time he checked.  I said, “I only have a 6,” and he mucked, saying, “No, you’re good.”  O.K.

With Ace-2 of spades I called $8.  Four of us saw a flop which had two spades.  I called $25 and we were down to three.  The turn completed my nut flush it checked to me, I bet $75 and got one call.  The river was a blank and I bet $100 and didn’t get a call.

The guy on my left had his wife behind him, watching him play.  They were talking about going to dinner soon.  Now the wife had a low-cut top. It was cut low-enough to make me about 95% sure her boobies were not gifts from Mother Nature.  Whenever I see a guy with a wife whose got abundant after-market add-ons in front, I have to restrain myself from asking the guy, “Did you buy her those or were they part of dowry?”  But of course, being a gentleman, I said no such thing.

Anyway, I found myself with Ace-King in the small blind and called a raise to $8, a few people had already called the $8.  The big blind, aka, the guy with the wife who had the big fake boobies, made it $30.  It folded back to me. The guy had only about another $100 behind him, and I had him covered.  I think the play there is for me to just raise him all in.  But I couldn’t bring myself to do that.  I wanted to see the flop first.  So I just called.

The flop was King-9-8 and then I put all my chips out.  He said, “Well, I want to go to dinner anyway…..Call.”  And he showed his hand: Ace-Jack offsuit.  Really?  I guess he figured Ace would have been an out but he was obviously wrong.  He would have had to have gone runner-runner to win and he did not.  So that was a pretty nice pot.

With pocket 10’s, I raised to $10 and had three callers.  The flop was Ace-King-Queen, two diamonds (and I did have the 10 of diamonds).  I made a $20 c-bet which I think was a mistake. With three callers and that flop, probably should have just checked.  I had two callers.  The turn was a low diamond and a guy shoved for his last $15.  The other guy called, as did I.  With all those high diamonds out there, a four-card flush with my 10 might have been good.  But the river was an Ace of hearts and I had to fold to the other guy’s shove.  He had Ace-Queen for a rivered boat.  The short-stack just mucked without showing.

Then with pocket 5’s I called $12 after three others were in. I missed the flop and the preflop raiser bet $16.  The other two folded and with just the 5’s, I decided to call.  Just wanted to float and see what happened.  This particularly player liked to c-bet almost every time and I didn’t think the fact that he c-bet a four-way pot meant he necessarily had anything.  The last two cards were bricks and there was no more betting.  He showed King-Queen off, which did not connect with the board at all.  When he saw my pocket 5’s that took the pot, he said, “You’re good sir, nice call.”  Heh heh.

I hung around to the midnite drawing (didn’t hit it) and then cashed out with a $380 profit.  Pretty nice session for a guy who looks like Gabe Kaplan. 

Edited to add:  I should have thought to include this video originally.  Thanks to one of my Facebook followers, Jon, for suggesting it:

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"And Gabe Kaplan Raises...."
"And Gabe Kaplan Raises...."
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