It's Over...It's All Over!

No, no...I don't mean the blog, don't panic.

I mean my funk, my angst, my deep navel gazing into figuring out whether I want to continue blogging.

The answer is yes, yes I do.  

I'm back.  

I have to say it was very heart-warming to read all your comments in response to my last post. Apparently there's a bunch of you who would miss me if I was gone.

So, with some new found enthusiasm, I will merrily continue.

I may mix it up a bit.  Maybe a bit of a different approach, some different subject matter, different frequency...whatever.  We'll have to see.

Sadly, I just returned from a Vegas trip where things didn't really go my way.  And I will be talking about that.  Not just in regards to specific sessions, but perhaps more globally.  I also want to talk about more general topics as they affect me.

But....not only were the results disappointing, but so was the blogging material I gathered.  Nothing at all in my particular favorite blog post "genre"--the "woman said."  I didn't find a single crazy female at any of the tables I played at, and those are the posts I love to write the most.

No hooker stories either.  Oh, I saw quite a few, but managed to avoid them completely.  And I didn't see or overhear them say or do anything interesting.

So it will be mostly poker, and poker with not very good results.

Oh yeah, I did get called a "dick" on my last night in town.  Right after I rivered a straight flush.  That will be a good post.

So we'll just have to see what I can come up with between now and the next time I visit Vegas, whenever that may be.

Thus, I should have a new post--a real post--up tomorrow evening.  But it won't be about this current trip.  It's an older story I started on before the recent trip.  I should be able to finish it quickly and get it posted then.  That's the best I can do as I have a column due for Ante Up this week and as of right now, I have not written one word of it.

But I'm back (actually, I never really went anywhere, did I?)

And since so many of you indicated you would miss the boobies more than my epic missives, here's a few to hold you for now.  


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It's Over...It's All Over!
It's Over...It's All Over!
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