READER WARNING:  Sensitive readers may find this post offensive, even for this blog’s standards (and yes, this blog actually does have standards).

So I am indeed back in Los Angeles and ready to start writing up some reports on my recent, extremely extended visit to Vegas.  However, I want to post something tonight, and have no time to listen to my voice notes to do one of those incredibly long, heavily detailed 10,000 word blog posts that you all demand.  This post will fall well short of that. 

I apologize in advance then that all I can offer you tonight is a very short encounter with a hooker.  And it wasn’t even my encounter.  A long-time reader told me this story on Sunday.  But he’s a poker player, and as we know, poker players always tell the truth, so I take him at his word that this encounter occurred just as he reported it to me. Hopefully I have remembered the details correctly. The story is seared in my mind so I don’t need to consult my notes.  In a perfect world, I would include some of my own hooker sightings (from my recent visit) in this post, but that would take too much time.  In case you haven’t heard, we don’t live in a perfect world.

Now, this reader of mine is not the youngest guy, but he recently removed his beard which does give him a younger appearance.  And just as any poker player would, he showed up in the MGM parking structure around 4AM on Sunday morning to play some poker, to make sure he had enough hours to qualify for the weekly MGM Invitational (freeroll).

While still in the parking area, two good looking ladies approached him from the opposite direction.  They were with one guy.   One of the ladies smiled at him and asked what he was planning to do once he got inside the MGM.

He told her he was planning on playing some poker (see, I told you he was honest).  The lady expressed interest in that, and indicated that she wanted to learn how to play.

Now my reader is not naïve.  As he explained, he assumes that when a young, pretty girl comes up to him out of the blue and starts a conversation, she has a financial transaction in mind.  But you know, he was in an optimistic mood, and figured well….he is looking a lot younger these days, sans beard.  He decided to play this out a little bit, just to be sure.

“You want to learn how to play poker?  Well, I can help you out with that.”

The young woman said perhaps another time.  Then she said, “So your plan is to play poker now?”

“Yes…..but plans can change.”

“Oh, plans can change huh?”

He nodded and then, the young woman leaned into him and quietly said, “Do you want to cum on my face?”

My friend was taken aback. He’s used to being approached by ladies such as this one, but this rather abrupt change in tone, so fast, so seemingly out of the blue—and so direct, so vulgar—caught him off guard.

He assured her that he was not interested in a business transaction.  She pressed him to make certain he was sure about this, and he made it clear he was.  So, she went back to the other girl and the guy (who was probably not a client but was offering the ladies some security) and the three of them departed.

For some inexplicable reason, my reader thought of me, and when he saw me at said MGM Invitational, he immediately told me that he had a hooker encounter to tell me about.

For an equally inexplicable reason, I hung around after my portion of the freeroll was over to hear his story.

I hope you found it worth reading.

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