The End is Near

As soon as I post this, I will be heading out for my last poker session of my longest Vegas trip ever. 

I've been here over a month.

I really expected that there would be plenty of opportunity for me to write up the long, detailed blog posts that you all love and beg me for.  In fact, the one complaint I consistently hear from my readers is that my blog posts just aren't long enough.

I hate to disappoint you all, but this post will be a short, quickie too.

Apparently, to my surprise, I pretty much can play poker every day for over a month.  There were really only a few days during this trip when I didn't play live poker due to social events.  But never once did I stay in my room thinking, "Screw this, I'm gonna stay in and write a blog post instead of playing."

So all these stories rolling around in my mind--and detailed in my voice notes to myself--will just have to start flowing out once I return to LA and don't have Vegas poker rooms calling me to come play in them.

Some of those stories seem like they happened a lifetime ago.  Was it really just earlier in this very trip that Nick and Lightning were in town and we trekked over to Venetian to play with TBC, only to eventually learned he had left the room just minutes before?  Yes it was.

Was it really that I played in what will forever be known to me as "The Costanza Poker Tournament" at Binions?  Yes, it was.

Was it really this trip that I saw some incredible girl-on-girl making out, and motorboating, in the WPBT classic?  Yes, it was. 

Was it really this trip that I made my deepest run ever in the Aria 1PM tournament and scored close to my biggest win ever in poker?  Oh wait, that was just yesterday.  That does seem like it happened this trip.

And I've probably scored a hooker sighting post or two.  In fact, just today, while I was playing in the MGM freeroll for the last time (and just wait to you see the rant I do about this freeroll), a long-time reader of mine told me of his encounter with a hooker that I will surely find a way to post about.

All I need is time to write this stuff up.  Sorry for the tease, but check back regularly to this location for the long, sordid, details.
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The End is Near
The End is Near
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